Joe Garcia

Photo of Joe Garcia General Manager Contact

David Quang

Photo of David Quang General Sales Manager Contact

Dustin Voth

Photo of Dustin Voth Sales Manager Contact

Erwin Cenidoza

Photo of Erwin Cenidoza Sales Manager Contact

Mark Javier

Photo of Mark Javier Used Sales Manager Contact

Andrea Haggerty

Photo of Andrea Haggerty Service Manager Contact

David Sagun

Photo of David Sagun Parts Manager Contact

Jeff Kenny

Photo of Jeff Kenny Sales Lot Manager Contact

Jack Buffie

Photo of Jack Buffie Assistant Service Manager Contact

Sales Department

Chris Mallari

Photo of Chris Mallari Sales Consultant Contact

Damien Burns

Photo of Damien Burns Sales Consultant Contact

Elison Duque

Photo of Elison Duque Sales Consultant Contact

Hansel Dela Cruz

Photo of Hansel Dela Cruz Sales Consultant Contact

Joel Catania

Photo of Joel Catania Sales Consultant Contact

Kevin Julius

Photo of Kevin Julius Sales Consultant Contact

Michael Maliwanag

Photo of Michael Maliwanag Sales Consultant Contact

Shayan Jamali

Photo of Shayan Jamali Sales Consultant Contact

Zhi Jin

Photo of Zhi Jin Sales Consultant Contact

Kateryna Robb

Photo of Kateryna Robb Delivery Coordinator Contact

Lexter Ventura

Photo of Lexter Ventura Delivery Coordinator Contact

Financial Services

Brendan Parry

Photo of Brendan Parry Financial Services Manager Contact

David Zhang

Photo of David Zhang Financial Services Manager Contact

Jack Reves

Photo of Jack Reves Financial Services Manager Contact

Jinwoo Jeong

Photo of Jinwoo Jeong Financial Services Manager Contact

Kim Corrigal

Photo of Kim Corrigal Financial Services Manager Contact

Administration and Support

Jeremiah Laurea

Photo of Jeremiah Laurea Sales Lot Attendant

Josh Rufon

Photo of Josh Rufon Sales Lot Attendant

Mathieu Tetrault

Photo of Mathieu Tetrault Sales Lot Attendant

Service Department

Jack Pagtalunan

Photo of Jack Pagtalunan Service Consultant Contact

Kevin Chan

Photo of Kevin Chan Service Consultant Contact

Trevor Lane

Photo of Trevor Lane Service Consultant Contact

Abriel Saria

Photo of Abriel Saria Technician

Andy Pazdor

Photo of Andy Pazdor Technician

Arvin Camet

Photo of Arvin Camet Apprentice Technician

Brandon Ritchat

Photo of Brandon Ritchat Technician

Cameron Rochon

Photo of Cameron Rochon Service Detailer

Glen James

Photo of Glen James Technician

John Pagtalunan

Photo of John Pagtalunan Service Detailer

Kaymar Chico

Photo of Kaymar Chico Technician

Kenneth Gelo

Photo of Kenneth Gelo Apprentice Technician

Kenny Pazdor

Photo of Kenny Pazdor Technician

Micah Oswald

Photo of Micah Oswald Lube Technician

Micheal Ivison

Photo of Micheal Ivison Technician

Paul Lewadny

Photo of Paul Lewadny Apprentice Technician

Phoebe Rufon

Photo of Phoebe Rufon Internal Service Advisor

Robert Tumambing

Photo of Robert Tumambing Technician

Sheri-Lynn Sabater

Photo of Sheri-Lynn Sabater Technician

Parts Department

Robinson Cruz

Photo of Robinson Cruz Parts Consultant Contact

Kim Villalobos

Photo of Kim Villalobos Parts Driver

Skye Stringer

Photo of Skye Stringer Parts Driver

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